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What is the ISAACTM system?


ISAACTM is a patented, fully individualized cognitive prosthetic system specifically designed for individuals with a wide range of cognitive disabilities.  It allows for the organization and delivery of individualized prompts, procedural, and personal information, assisting the user to live and work more independently.  The information and prompts are created in either English or Spanish by a rehabilitation professional using ISAAC AuthorTM software.   Since the prompting, procedural, and information content is fully individualized for the capabilities and needs of the user, this system is well suited for both compensatory and some restorative rehabilitation and assistive technology applications.


The individualized content can be delivered in English or Spanish as synthesized speech audio, text, checklists, or graphics.  Procedural information can be accessed by the user through the ISAACís contextually oriented, easy-to-navigate, graphical interface.  Prompts can be delivered on the basis of specified conditions, such as the time of day, to initiate an action by the user. The system is easy to use and there is no need for the user to learn a special symbolic language.


The ISAAC system device is wearable and battery powered. It accepts input from the user through a pressure sensitive touch screen, so it can be used almost anywhere at anytime.


ISAAC is appropriate for many individuals with diagnoses such as traumatic brain injury, aneurysm, stroke, mental retardation, autism, Asperger's, and Alzheimer's. And, it can be used by many individuals with multiple disabilities. System-specific tools have been developed to help evaluate the ISAAC systemís probable effectiveness for each potential user prior to its use. Click here to view the article "Effectiveness of the ISAAC cognitive prosthetic system for improving rehabilitation outcomes with neurofunctional impairment" from the international journal NeuroRehabilitation.


The ISAAC system creates an affordable and easy to use solution, enabling individuals with cognitive disabilities to have access to the information they need to live more independent and successful lives.  5 3 Click here to see what some individuals with cognitive disabilities who have used ISAAC say about it. 

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Cogent Systems, Inc. is a private company that specializes in developing and implementing rehabilitation and assistive technology and methods that enable individuals with cognitive disabilities to achieve greater independence and self-sufficiency in all aspects of life.  Click here if you are interested in investment opportunities in Cogent Systems, Inc. and the ISAAC system.