what isaac

users say



What do the people who have used the ISAACTM system say about it?


"Jeff" had the following things to say shortly after receiving his ISAAC system:


    = “I have gotten more stuff done in the short time since I have had it than I have ever gotten done in the same amount of time period before.”


    = "I have not forgotten to take my medicine and I am able to do some of the things I need to be doing in order for me to be more independent.”



Later, Jeff had this to say:


    = “I was and [am] still very happy about this system. It has been the bridge from [my] being dependent to being independent.”



We conducted a survey of the 10 people who were the very first ones to use the first generation of the ISAAC system.  All 10 individuals have a cognitive disability and used the system to assist them in work tasks on the job.


We also talked with each of the 10 people individually.  Here’s what we asked them and what they told us:


    = We asked each person what they thought about the system.  Typical answers were “it’s terrific” and “it helped me do my job.”


    = When asked how much they liked the system, 9 of the 10 people said they liked it “a lot” and 1 liked it “somewhat”.


    = Asked if the system helped them do their work, all 10 people responded “yes.”


    = We asked how the system helped them on their jobs.  The answers included, “reminded me how to do the parts of the job” and “helped me when I got stuck.”


    = When asked what, if anything, they liked best about the system, the most common answer was “easy to use”. One individual, who can not read, responded that what was best about it was that “it talked to me.”


It’s clear what the people who have used ISAAC think about it.  They like the ISAAC system.  They like how it works and how it helps them do more and be more successful.  5 6 Click here to find out about how to get the ISAAC system.