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Possible funding sources for the ISAACTM system and supporting services are varied and depend upon several factors.  Potential sources include public, private, and charitable means.  There are also tax provisions that can help people with disabilities obtain assistive technology.  We can help with suggestions for possible funding sources for your specific situation.


Practitioners and services providers interested in becoming Authorized ISAAC Services Providers and making the ISAAC system available to their consumers can contact us by telephone at 888.679.6378 or click here to contact us by email.


The best way to get the ISAACTM system is by working with one of the Authorized ISAAC Services ProvidersSM.  These are highly qualified rehabilitation service providers and practitioners who are knowledgeable about the ISAAC system.  They receive detailed ISAAC training and technical support from Cogent Systems, Inc.


In addition to helping obtain the ISAAC system and developing individualized content, these services providers can also help with information about funding sources, the appropriateness of ISAAC for an individual, and many supporting and follow along services.  These services are essential for the effectiveness of the ISAAC system and the success of the individual using it.


To find the Authorized ISAAC Services Provider, Reseller, or Product Representative closest to you click here to contact us by email.