Investing in Cogent Systems, Inc. & the ISAACTM System


Cogent Systems, Inc. is the developer of the ISAACTM system and produces the system for sale to qualified rehabilitation practitioners and researchers.  The company developed this patented rehabilitation and assistive technology to enable individuals with cognitive disabilities to be more self-sufficient, improving their quality of life and reducing the cost of their care and support.


This  ISAAC system technology enables cost-effective individualized prompting, procedural guidance, and performance logging.  These capabilities allow reliable long term technology-based assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs), medication compliance, and any community living and employment activities that are appropriate to the individual.  In addition to English, the product currently includes Spanish language capability.  Support for other languages can be incorporated to further expand the already substantial global market for the product.


The company's management team is well experienced and positioned to further develop the product in both its essential form and additional configurations for new applications.


Cogent Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation, is for a limited time accepting investment from private individuals, investment funds, and other sources.  This includes opportunities for relatively modest investments from interested individuals.


Please direct your investment inquiry to Cogent Systems, Inc.:


Telephone:  888.679.6378

Email:  investor@cosys.us